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15 Things to do Before 2015 Ends

Happy Holidays! 2015 is coming to a close and there are still things I want to do before the year's over! I love getting together with friends & family during Christmas time and just being able to spend time with them! If any of you are having trouble finding gifts to give to loved ones/friends, go check out Ciara's post here! It's super helpful and will make finding a present so much easier. I hope you guys get to do some of the things I've listed down below because believe me, they're so much fun!


Spending time with my friends during the winter is really fun because there are so many things to do! If you & your friends are getting bored this winter don't worry, I've got you covered!

  • Get Santa Pictures Done! Getting Santa pictures done with your best friend is super cute (#bffgoals)! I love going to see Santa, better yet bring your bff with you!
  • Have a Christmas Movie Marathon! In Washington, the weather is pretty bad outside so what better way to spend your day then watch your fave Christmas movies! Grab some popcorn, hot chocolate, & your footie pajamas and get ready to watch Christmas movies all day!
  • Make Cookies(: I love baking cookies with my friends because you can decorate them together and pop in a movie while you wait for them to be done! My favorite cookies to bake are gingerbread cookies. Every time I bite into it, it tastes so yummy & I just want to go jump in the snow!
  • Go Christmas Shopping! I know I still have to get Christmas gifts for my family and going with one friend or a few is really fun! Ciara and I both have siblings so we can help each other out! If you're not sure what to get a family member/friend it's always helpful to have somebody with you to make decisions so it's not as hard.
  • Get Starbucks I know this sounds super basic but Starbucks literally has the best drinks. I like to get a decaf peppermint mocha & Ciara like's to get a skinny iced peppermint mocha. Who doesn't love getting Starbucks on a cold day with friends?
  • Play in the Snow! I always hope every year that it'll snow in Washington so fingers crossed for this year! If you live in an area that get's snow then invite your friends over! Make some snowmen, have a snowball fight, make a snow angel, etc.
  • Spend a Day in the City(:  I love walking around in Seattle and just seeing the Christmas lights. I also window shop which I think is a great way to see what stores have so if you see something you like then you could buy it or try to recreate it!
Image result for tumblr christmas

Image result for tumblr christmas

Spending time with family(especially) extended family is super important! I don't get to see my family as much as I'd like to because they all live in different places and we're all so busy. This list will give you plenty of ideas to do something with your family!

  • Wrap Presents! I know it sounds weird but my sister & I will wrap presents for the rest of my family while watching a movie and it's good quality time! You can wrap presents with your siblings, cousins, etc. and talk with them! It's honestly really fun and time goes by very quickly!
  • Spend a Weekend Somewhere! Every year my family and I will go up to Seattle for a weekend and walk around, get presents, and spend time together! If you don't want to actually go somewhere just spend a weekend with your family doing fun things!
  • Get a Christmas Tree Every year, my family goes to get a tree! We pick our's out and then bring it home! It's a great way to pick out a tree together +sometimes they have free hot chocolate too!
  • Decorate the Christmas Tree! My siblings & I do this every year! We call the ones we want to hang up first and then do the rest. It takes a couple hours sometimes because we have so many ornaments! Also a good tip is to play Christmas music so you can jam out to your fave songs!
  • Binge Watch Netflix(: Me and some of my cousins will watch movies for the whole day or watch our favorite show together! It's really fun and if you're feeling lazy then it's the perfect thing to do!
  • Have a Christmas Present Exchange! In my family we do this every year! We draw names out of a hat and the name we draw we give a gift to. It's perfect to get to know your family members better & know what they like!
  • Christmas Carol! I think this is a really cool way to get to know your neighbors better! I don't live in a neighborhood but I know plenty of people who do! You get to sing Christmas songs, look at all the lights on houses, and meet new people!
  • Go Shopping the Day After Christmas My cousin, Sister, and I used to do this and I hope we'll be able to do this again! The sales the day after Christmas are so good! It's like Black Friday all over again! The sales are still going on but you don't have to get really early which I like!
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What's your favorite Christmas movie? Mine are Christmas Vacation, Elf, and White Christmas(:

xoxo, Hayley

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