Monday, November 30, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for 1100 pageviews! As you know, Christmas is soo close and some of you might be wondering what to get some of your friends and family. I put some stuff together that will give you some ideas for your friends, family, and even some that you might want to add to your list. We are going to have tons of new content coming every week and are going to work out a schedule so you guys know when to look for new posts! But so you are always in the know, subscribe by email in the side bar! Ok enough about that, lets get into the gift guide!

  Friends: Ok so we all have our super close friends that we want to get good presents for, but then we have some friends that we aren't super close with, or we are just getting to know but we still want to get them something. Friends like those that we don't know as well can be a little bit hard to shop for, but it is possible!
  1. Candy or chocolate is perfect for people you don't know. Let's be honest, I can be a little bit cheap sometimes so people that I am not super close with aren't going to get pricey presents from me. Holiday chocolates or candy cane type presents are really great for people that you don't want to spend a lot on -plus who doesn't love chocolate?!
  2. Pre-packaged presents are really easy and are really good deals. Ulta has some really great packages of lotions or makeup that have really awesome discounts and are all put together for you so you don't have to worry about putting a bunch of things together. This might even work for friends you are closer to if it's something they might like!
  3. Giftcards are super easy and everyone loves them! For friends who aren't as close, giftcards for $10-$20 from starbucks, target, or their fav popular coffee shop (my personal fav is anthem) is really easy and is so useful to the person your gifting. It's also a really great stocking stuffer!
Close Friends: These are the friends that you don't mind spending a little more money on because they are either your best friend or you love hanging out with them. Here are some ideas!
  1. Again, giftcards are really great, but getting them from stores they really like and that have a little bit more money on are super great. Giftcards that are worth about $20-$30 are really great and your friends will find them really useful too! My favorite stores, and shops that your friends might like are PINK, Nordstrom, H&M, Topshop, American Eagle, and Lush are really great shops.
  2. Products from Lush are really great to get for your friends. Your friends will know that you picked them out especially for them and Lush is so nice and their products are really good for your skin. Trust me, if your friends like beauty products, they will LOVE this. I recommend a cool bath bomb, face scrub, or a lip scrub. Better yet, get all three for a super cute spa package!
  3. Hand-made things are not only a great present by themselves, but added to a present is such a good present for your friends. Try making about five envelopes with a letter in each one for them to open when their mad, sad, bored, stressed out, or miss me! Your friends will love these and they will know you worked hard and really meant it.
Family: I always get my family something for Christmas. Obviously my mom and dad take care of the more pricey gifts but I still try to make sure that my family will love the gifts I give them (although I do help them with that sometimes). When it comes to family, presents get a little pricier.
  1. For parents, sometimes they'll tell you that they don't want anything, but if you don't get them anything you will feel bad. Sometimes homemade things are perfect for them. Other times what you want to get them will be a little pricey. For your mom, try getting beauty things, stuff from lush or maybe a nice bottle of her favorite perfume is perfect. My mom loves stuff like that so I can get a general idea. Sometimes what she wants is more pricey so my sister and I will split it so it's from both of us and is not so expensive.
  2. Dads are a little bit harder to shop for. I still don't know what I am getting him! Guy things can be pretty expensive but when I am trying to find something to get him I just think about what he uses everyday and if he could use a new one of something. Usually what my dad wants is something I can't afford and since I am not a guy its not as easy to know what to get. Try getting something that has his favorite sports team on it (go hawks) or look around Target for some ideas!
  3. Siblings are pretty easy to shop for to me. I have only sisters so I am not sure about brothers, you can ask Hayley in the comments about that one, but if you have sisters than I've got you covered. If you have sisters that are younger, dolls and toys that they like are perfect, so are little perfumes, lotions, or lipglosses. For sisters that are older, makeup, clothes, or bottles of their favorite perfume are really great.
   I really hope this guide helped you guys out and gave you some ideas! I am so excited for Christmas and I finally had a holiday drink yesterday! My fave is the skinny peppermint mocha from starbucks! We have some really great posts coming up so to stay tuned, subscribe by email in the sidebar! What do you plan on getting for your friends or family for Christmas?
                                                           xoxo, Ciara
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