Friday, December 23, 2016

Brown Suede | Holiday Outfit Series

Happy (almost) Christmas! I wanted to give you a last minute outfit idea that was dressy but still comfortable. 

About ninety percent of my shoes are black which makes putting different pieces together much easier. If you're always in a rush to go places, I recommend getting a few staple go-to pieces in colors that all go well with each other so you have an innumerable combination of looks to choose from!

The top I'm wearing is from Forever 21! The sheer material is something that I love because it's more daring and fun to wear. The buttons going up the front create many versatile ways to style it.

These pants from JAG Jeans have a detailed criss cross pattern that makes the style more unique. I am a huge fan of how soft the material is and how non-restrictive it is as well! If you're looking for a pair of pants that are different, stylish, and incredibly soft, these are the ones for you.

To dress up this look, I wore these shoes from Macys. They are suede as well but definitely not as noticeable! The thing I like about these shoes is that they're classy and chic which can bring the level of attire up a notch or two. To see a different look with the same pants in black, click here.

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