Sunday, December 13, 2015

What I've Been Recently Loving

Hey tulips! Winter is practically here and I'm so ready to try new makeup looks! I always like to change up my makeup  a little bit for each season and try new products! Scroll down to see the products I've been recently loving! Don't forget to subscribe in the side bar!

I've been loving:

they're Real! mascara by Benefit
I really like this mascara because the wand has the best bristles for making my lashes super long! I think the bottle is super cool and mirror-like which I think makes it more unique than other mascaras I've used!

Cetaphil Moisturizer
During the winter my skin gets really dry so it helps to keep my skin soft & smooth! This moisturizer is super hydrating which I think is perfect for this time of year or if you have dry skin in general!

Love Paris pallete by NYX
I got this pallete from Nordstrom Rack and I think these are the perfect colors for a casual day or a night out! The colors range from pink to brown, matte to sparkly, and it's my new favorite eye shadow pallete!

Elf Blush in Twinkle Pink
Elf has some really good products for a such a good price! This blush gives me those rosy cheeks that brighten up my makeup! I really recommend this blush or finding a good blush because it'll give you an amazing glow.

Creme Brûlée Vaseline lip therapy
This mini Vaseline keeps my lips soft and smooth! The size is perfect for tossing into your purse and taking it with you on the go. It gives my lips a natural shine and smells yummy too!

The songs I've been listening too are Memories & Running Low by Shawn Mendes and Christmas Kisses by Ariana Grande(: I hope you guys enjoyed looking at what products I've been loving this month! Leave in the comments what you're fav's are and I'll see you soon!

Comment what you've been listening to!

xoxo, Hayley♥

p.s. Who's excited for Christmas?

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