Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Seattle Day

Hey everyone! I went to Seattle over the weekend to go see the Nutcracker! It's a family tradition that we go see a Christmas show every year. Seattle in the Christmas time is the best time to go, there are giant nutcrackers on every block, lights on the buildings, and snow falls in the evening at one building! We went to one of my favorite restaurants, stayed in a nice hotel, and saw these amazing gingerbread houses created with a Star Wars theme! All this fun calls for a fancy outfit for the show and dinner, so here is my outfit for this occasion! Remember to subscribe by email in the side bar so you will always know when we post! Ok, enjoy!♥

This dress is so cute and I am in love with it right now, my mom picked it up for me at Nordstrom and it's perfect blend between fancy and casual. I love the pattern and how it's not to flashy but still makes the outfit look more interesting. I paired it with this warm jacket from Nordstrom. It keeps me warm and goes with the outfit perfectly. Obviously this outfit would be a tad bit boring with some black shoes, so I paired it with these long brown boots and my favorite boots socks from Target. I am in love with the dress and I think the outfit is perfect for a nice show in Seattle. Okay check out
the pictures of my outfit, Seattle, and my dinner! Also find out where I got everything below!

  Dress: Nordstrom B.P.
   Jacket: Nordstrom
   Boots: DSW
   Boot Socks: Target
   Sunglasses: Oscar De La Renta, find them at T.J. Max!

I really liked my hair for this outfit! I usually never do buns but I felt really cute in this one. I used a shaper to get it in a bun shape and then with the remaining hair, I braided it and wrapped it around the bun. Then to get rid of fly-aways, I used some gel and topped the look off with some hairspray.

I really hope you guys enjoyed looking into my day in Seattle! I had such a great weekend and I hope you guys had a great one too! I can't wait for Christmas! It is so close and I am just so excited! What is your favorite thing to do during the Holidays? Anyways, do you have a holiday outfit? Let me know in the comments. Remember to follow us by email in the side bar so you will always know when we post!
                                                             xoxo, Ciara♥

                                   Comment "I love the holidays!" if you see this!

Why do I wear sunglasses in the winter time? I like to keep my identity a secret, we want to focus on the fashion, not our faces, so we crop out our faces or wear sunglasses! In case you were wondering, they are from Oscar De La Renta, you can grab them at T.J. Max.

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