Friday, November 13, 2015

Cold Weather Essentials

     It's getting  cold outside which means...Christmas & Thanksgiving!!! Thank you guys so much for over 700 views! Our goal for this month is 1,000 so keep looking for updates every week. Please subscribe to our blog by email in the sidebar to know when we post!

Today, Ciara and I are going to be sharing with you guys our essentials for fall/winter! We hope you guys enjoy and get some cool ideas from this post!

Cold Weather Essentials:


  • Christmas movies/music: Christmas movies are so fun to watch! Some of my favorite's are White Christmas, Christmas Vacation, and Elf.  I love listening to Christmas music because it brightens up my mood in an instant! I may or may not have already started listening to Christmas music....
  •  Starbucks +their red cups: On Saturday I went to Starbucks and got a Peppermint Mocha decaf(otherwise I get super excited about everything) for the first time and it literally tastes like perfection & happiness in a cup. The red cups are finally here which makes me even more happy! 
  • Snow..duh:It hasn't seriously snowed in Washington for a few years but fingers crossed! Every year I make a snowman and snow angels which are so fun to make! If you guys get snow everyday in the winter time then I'm so jealous(:
  • Cute warm coat: It's so hard to find a warm, cute coat that won't make you look like a total marshmallow. I like to look at Hollister and American Eagle because they have some really nice coats this season!
  • Moisturizer: Moisturizer is so so important! If you have dry skin like me or dry skin in general then moisturizing is key to having nice, smooth skin! Plus, your makeup will look more flawless and  radiant!
  • Gingerbread cookies: I'm literally making these right now because they're my new obsession! Gingerbread cookies are so good and they smell amazing!! If you don't feel like baking then you can buy the Ginger Bread Family from Target. 



  • Chocolate Mint Coconut Milk: I know this might sound gross, but it is seriously the best thing ever! It's healthy and if you heat it up, it's like healthy hot chocolate! What's better than that... nothing!    
  •  Polaroid Camera: I LOVE mine so much, mine is blue and Hayley's is pink. These are perfect year-round, but taking a winter themed polaroid picture is soooo cute!   
  • Boots/Booties: A good pair of boots or booties are perfect for cold weather! I really like Hunter Boots or a good pair of fake Timberlands.    
  • Chapstick: A good chapstick is a necessity for cold weather. Burt's Bees is my personal fave, but if you like lipstick, look for one that is really moisturizing.   
  • Lotions... duh: Bath & Bodyworks always has super good smelling lotions for the seasons, but my personal favorite lotion is my cinnamon frosting lotion paired with my spiced gingerbread cookie shower gel from Philosophy is the best!   
  •  Fuzzy Socks: This is a must for cold weather! I love Christmas themed socks for the holidays and you can get three pairs of them from Costco for cheap (that's where I got mine)! There are these super cute doughnut ones at Nordstrom B.P. and I am sooo tempted to go and get them.


What are you looking forward to in the Christmas season? Don't forget to subscribe and remember our goal is 1,000 views!!

xoxo, Ciara and Hayley

p.s. comment what your favorite Cold Weather Essentials are(:

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