Thursday, October 20, 2016

Day to Night | AU Rate New York

The perfect day to night ensemble is something that should be carefree and effortless. Having to stress or take too much time on thinking what you're going to wear the next day is such a hassle, that's why having a few main go-to outfits are a must for us! AU Rate has made their gold bar necklace like a dream whisking us away into a golden state of mind. The pants can be replaced with the skirt for when the sun goes down and the stars come out.

This necklace from AU Rate NY is timeless and eye-catching. The gleaming finish is exquisitely designed to polish and give you an overall classy look. It's so dainty and simple yet very distinctive which is why we think it's perfect for fall. Having transitional pieces from day to night is essential for changing events and weather, but there is always something that should stay at the core of your outfit.

These navy and white pinstripe trousers are dressy enough to be worn at the office with these chic half-calf boots while the overall look is downplayed by the shirt. The high waist makes the shirt more suitable to wear while the main focus is on the stripes! Half-calf boots are number one on our wish list and this black pair adds more structure and definition to the outfit.

Shirts knotted at the waist have become increasingly popular and for good reason. A half-knotted tee transforms your basic shirt into something more trendy and a bit more sophisticated. This shirt can be worn in the day or night while changing up a few pieces to create different effects! The leather jacket is optional but a must for those going for an edgier look. Since it's definitely colder at night then in the day, there is an excuse to wear to it! This gold sequined mini skirt is what all eyes will be on. The shimmering gold is ideal for a night on the town and so fun to wear!

As for accessories, a simple black watch will keep you on time and keep your look effortless. A purse is not even a question when having to think about carrying your phone, keys, makeup, etc. We love how this look is edgy and chic while still incorporating dressier accessories such as the gold bracelet, necklace, and studded wristlet.

Xx Ciara and Hayley

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  1. That gold sequined skirt! That is like perfect for a Holiday Party! I love it! And I totally agree about the accessories. Finding classic pieces is important for transitioning from day to night! Great picks too!

    1. Thank you Ruth! We think this skirt is great for parties and a night on the town!

      -Ciara and Hayley, Topshop Tulip