Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Winter Must-Haves

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Hey tulips! I am missing winter break so much right now! It is now time for winter fashion and I am really excited to share my take on it with you. To me, I always found it easier to pick outfits out during the summer and fall. They just seemed to be the easiest. Now I have found ways to transition into the next season. For winter 2016, I have some must-haves that will last you through the winter. To be updated with all the winter trends, subscribe by email in the sidebar!  Keep reading to see my must-haves.

  • A really nice, versatile scarf is an absolute must! It keeps you warm while looking super chic. Some of the best colors to get are gray, brown, burgundy, and even plaid!

This one from Forever 21 is so cozy and goes with a ton of different outfits! Get it here

  • A pair of gloves. Gloves keep your fingers warm in the winter air, so a cute pair of warm gloves are an absolute must. My personal fav is a pair of brown gloves.

The pair above is faux leather and is so chic! Plus it comes in different color. Get it from Forever 21 here!
  • I have been loving turtleneck/cowl neck sweaters. They keep your neck warm, and are so stylish. I really like ones that are gray or white, but I personally have a green one.

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This hat is so cute! I love the faux fur pompom and the white knit! You will look like a super stylish snow bunny with this hat! Get it from Nordstrom here!
  • A super soft pullover hoodie is perfect for winter. One that looks super soft, but is easy to style is a must-have for the season. Pick a color that is easy to pair pieces with, and make sure to accessorize!
This pullover is super easy to style, plus it is super comfy. It's like wearing a fashionable sweatshirt! Get it from Forever 21 here!
  • A cozy poncho or cardigan is a must for winter. You put them over anything to get the ultimate winter outfit, and it keeps you super cozy and warm when your walking in the cold.
This one is so cute and is really cozy and versatile! It's like wearing a blanket in public, but it is stylish! Get this one at Forever 21 here!
  • Leather Pants or leggings are so in right now! I love them and I really need to get a pair for myself. They add more flare than a normal pair of jeans or leggings and they basically go with everything!
These are so chic and a really great price! Get the exact pair from Zara here!
  • A super cute bag is a must have for winter. I personally love cross-body bags, they are just so easy to wear and they go with everything! I have a black and a brown one and I love them!
This bag is very chic and stylish, I love the gold chain and it looks really expensive when it's not. It also goes with a lot of things! Get this bag from Forever 21 here!

I really hope this post helped you guys out! All these pieces will help you create the perfect winter outfits! The pieces are so easy to style and are super chic and stylish too! If you guys want me to put a couple of outfits together for another post, let me know in the comments because I would love too! To always know when we put up a new post, make sure to subscribe by email in the sidebar! You can also follow us on Instagram @topshoptulip! What is one of your winter must-haves? I want to know! We will be having some really great posts coming up so watch out for them! We have also decided that our goal for January is 3000+ views!
  Looking forward to a great year! xoxo, Ciara

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  1. I love the chinstrap black bag! You should do a post on how to recreate these pieces into looks!