Saturday, January 23, 2016

Three Ways to Look Cute & Comfy

Hey guys! Today I came up with three ways to feel comfortable but still look cute! Ever wake up in the morning and feel like doing nothing but put on sweats? I realized that a lot of people hate dressing up, they just always want to wear sweats. I am not really that kind of person, but a lot of my friends are. BTW if you want to always know when we post, then just subscribe by email in the sidebar, it's that easy! Anyway, here are three ways to be comfy, but at the same time stylish/ cute.

This first outfit is a little take on sweats. Instead of wearing normal sweats, I am sporting joggers! Joggers are super comfy and stylish at the same time! It's basically sweats taken to the next level. This outfit is a little bit more street style and I love the baseball cap with it!
      Sweats: Forever 21
      Top: Brandy Melville
      Baseball Hat: Adidas
      Sneakers: Adidas

The next outfit is all about the jeans, or that's what you think. The key to look put together like you actually decided to put on jeans today is to just get a pair of jeggings. Seriously though, jeggings used to be all I would buy instead of jeans, I just hated the feel of denim so much. Now I don't really mind it but jeggings are still great. You don't have to get full-on jeggings, just try to find a pair of jeans that are a little bit more stretchy, or you can just buy real jeggings and feel like your wearing leggings, but no one else will know. I then paired this with a cute hoodie and some sneakers and I loved how comfy, yet chic this outfit was.
      Jeans/Jeggings: Forever 21
      Hoodie: Lululemon
      Sneakers: Adidas

This final outfit obviously consists of leggings. I am seriously obsessed with leggings, I wear them all the time. Instead of wearing leggings with a sweatshirt, try a cute sweater, or a stylish shirt, and accessorize it to make it not look so boring. I recommend finding a good pair of leggings, not necessarily a $6 pair (unless you plan on getting more than one) because most of the time, they will rip or fade. Try investing on a pair of leggings with nice material that isn't to thick or thin. Although my leggings are a little pricey (I saved up all summer for them!), there are some good pairs out there for not to much.
      Leggings: Lululemon
      Sweater: Pacsun
      Necklace: Tilly's
      Hunter Boots & Socks: Nordstrom

  • Change up your shoes: Instead of wearing the same pair of sneakers everyday, such as converse or vans, (not gonna lie, I sometimes do) try getting a pair of sneakers that are a little different from the typical Vans or Converse. I am really liking my Sperry's, once Spring comes I will be all over them, they are a little different. My favorite part of them though is that you can slip them right on, no laces to tie! I am also a big fan of Adidas Superstar Original, (my fave is the white w/ black stripes) they are really popular right now and they are so cute!

  • Use Dry Shampoo: This tip is catching on pretty quickly, but for those of you that don't know, dry shampoo is perfect for when you didn't take a shower the day before or don't have time. I used to put this in my P.E. locker and spray it in my hair afterwards so my hair wasn't greasy when I got to my next class. It is seriously a lifesaver. It takes away all the grease and is perfect for bad hair days. My faves are the Bastiste and the Not My Mother's.
  • Don't know what to where?: To avoid this problem in the morning, I always think of at least two outfits the night before so I won't wake up and feel rushed. I will also look at other peoples outfits at school or on pinterest and find ways to recreate them.
I really hope you guys enjoyed this post and that it came in handy! Sometimes you just don't want to get all dressed up in the morning! I hope this post tackled a common problem and gave you some inspiration! Don't forget to subscribe by email in the sidebar to know when we post & also follow us on Instagram @topshoptulip! Thank you for reading, what is your go-to clothing piece? Let me know in the comments!
                                                                   xoxo, Ciara

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  1. I have a pair of those joggers! I live in them :)


    1. Aren't they just so great! Love them!

  2. I love all three outfit ideas! Sneakers are definitely a must have, especially a pair of Converse.

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

    1. Thank you Abby! Your blog is so great!

  3. I love joggers, but I can't find one that looks good on me...(insert crying face!) I love yours!