Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year's Eve Makeup

 Hey Guys! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! 2016 is in two days and I am so excited for the New Year. Hayley and I are going to have such great content coming up this year and we can't wait to share it with you all! I am still trying to think of a resolution but I haven't come up with one yet. I have put together a makeup look for New Year's Eve that I would love for you to try or recreate! New Year's Eve has always seemed to have a lot of sparkle and I tried to put that into the makeup look. We are going to be having a lot of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle posts in the New Year so to keep up, make sure to subscribe by email in the sidebar! Ok, keep reading to try this look!

Face Makeup-

  1. I always start with face makeup before eyes, so first I applied a BB Cream. Mine is the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Gel Cream. I got this for Christmas and I really like it. I applied it with my Eco Tools Skin Perfecting Brush.
  2. Next, I used concealer and applied it with my Eco Tools Concealer Correcting Brush. Then I put it under my eyes and blended it in with my Eco Tools Eye Perfecting Brush.
  3. I set the face makeup with my Maybelline powder, using my Eco Tools Mattifying Finish Brush.
  4. To add dimension, I applied my Amazonian Clay Bronzer by Tarte to my cheekbones using a fluffy brush.
  5. Then to add some color I applied a shimmery blush to the apples of my cheeks.
  6. Finally to give me some highlights, I took a champagne highlighter and applied it to my cupid's bow, bridge of my nose, and cheeks.
Eye Makeup-
  1. To make sure my makeup stays on until midnight, I used a natural colored eye primer to my lids.
  2. I then took my a shimmery silk eyeshadow stick and applied it to my lids. This will add some sparkle.
  3. Take a glittery navy eyeliner and line your eyes. Make sure it is creamy and only apply a light amount. Then take your finger and smudge it into the shimmery color.
  4. To make my eyes look awake I took a small eyeshadow brush and took the color Venus from the Naked Basics Palette. Apply it to your inner corners and right under your lower lash line.
  5. Next I curled my eyelashes and applied my favorite mascara, They're Real' by Benefit.
  6. Brush your eyebrows out and fill them in if you'd like.
  7. Finally I took a reddish pink lip tint in the color Glaze from Tarte.
I really hope you guys enjoyed this makeup tutorial. I am so excited for the New Year and I hope you are too! Need something to wear? Try something metallic, they are perfect for a New Year's Eve party.

What's your New Year's Resolution? Let us know in the comments! We hope you had a great year in 2015! To always know when we post throughout the year, remember to subscribe by email in the sidebar! We also have an Instagram, follow us @topshoptulip! We love everyone that reads this blog and we can't wait to inspire you in the coming year!
                                                                        xoxo, Ciara

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  1. Happy New Year! Thanks for the makeup tutorial!

  2. Could you do a weekend look(fashion and makeup)?

    1. Of course, I will try to get one up in the next couple of weeks!