Tuesday, October 6, 2015

PFW Spring/Summer 2016 Dior Review

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Happy Fall! Paris and New York Fashion Week was absolutely amazing! There were so many great shows and behind the scenes coverage going on throughout the whole week that we got to experience. I really loved watching some of my favorite super models walk the runway as well as seeing some of my favorite designers show their new clothing line for Spring/Summer 2016. This week Ciara and I are giving our reviews on some of our personal favorite shows this week. There were SO many amazing shows this year! One of my favorites was the Dior show and Ciara's was the DVF show! We both will be reviewing our favorites and will be giving you some ideas on how to recreate the looks off the runway!

 The Dior fashion show was incredible. No words. The 400,000 flowers (Delphiniums) were beautiful, I've never seen a show quite like this one. The collection was very elegant and a bit masculine and rough at the edges, with just the right amount of pastel and pure beauty. There were many daring/out of comfort-zone pieces I'm sure we'll all be seeing this upcoming Spring and Summer that will make you have that elegant chic look. The pieces were glamorous, slightly modern, tom boy-ish, and a hint of edgy. The most common colors were navy, some pastel pink and purples, off-white, white, and black. The pieces varied from two piece dresses(sometimes transparent) to wool suits, knee-length shorts and much more! The main accessory was the ankle-strap mule with pointed toe and accentuated buckle detailing that every model was wearing. Some of the materials used were wool, cotton, lingerie transparency-like material, sequins, lace, and tulle.

To watch the full show click here!

I definitely want to go buy some more clothes and try out these looks!
All of these pieces are very pricey and probably cost more than I need to spend or can afford, which is the case for most people. Dior as we all know is for sure expensive, so I'm going to show you some  pieces that you can buy that are inspired by the Spring/Summer 2016 collection!

 This look I really liked because of the white scalloped crop top and black a-line skirt. The bag adds a pop of color while still keeping to the dark theme. I love the brown shoes which add a shine and sassiness to complete the look.

Click each piece to get a look alike below!

This a very unique styled skirt which I think makes it look more one of a kind. The whole look is very chic and edgy, with a bit of glamour.

Click each piece to get a look alike below!
Under Shirt
Over Shirt 

I hope I gave you some inspiration from the Dior Spring/Summer 2016 Show! Make sure to describe to our blog for weekly posts! Thanks for reading and comment what you think!

xoxo, Hayley

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