Friday, October 6, 2017

Blazer from above

I've never been thrifting but was absolutely thrilled once I started. Hearing so many great things about thrift stores and what great pieces you can find from them got me excited to discover pieces that I didn't know I needed until I laid eyes on them.

I went through rack after rack of the coolest jackets and coats I'd ever seen. 100% real leather, vintage denim jackets, blazers from the 80's...shoulder pads included, and more hung on their hangers waiting for someone to claim them. The designers that were exhibited would've had anyone sprinting to the door; Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, Ann Taylor and the list goes on. 

The blazer I found is a combined look of Burberry and Clueless with shoulders pads! Styling a patterned blazer can be simple if you have the right pieces and know how to style correctly. I chose to pair it with a black lace tank top from Nordstrom Rack, Wedgie-Straight Levi's from Nordstrom, and fur-loafers from TJ Maxx to create an off-duty yet still pulled together look. Recommended for casual office-wear, morning/lunch dates, or a cold day (not in any particular order).

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