Friday, August 4, 2017

BTS Edition: How we shoot our pictures

From lighting to posing, camera angles to location, we'll be sharing how we shoot our pictures as well as a bts look at an upcoming post! 

The background of your photo matters just as much as the outfit itself. You don't want to have anything too distracting; we opt for simple and neutral toned backgrounds. Brick walls, solid colors, and ivy are a few examples of what we like to use. When in doubt, less is more!

Time of Day
Golden hour is perfect for natural lighting-a few hours before sunset (times may vary depending on where you live). If the sun's not out or you can't fit it into your schedule, an overcast sky is your next best option. It's not too sunny or too dark, so you can avoid harsh lighting and shadows.

Taking a photo of someone at a lower angle can make the person appear taller. Pay attention to the sun! If you aren't conscientious of where the sun is in the sky, you could end up with shadows that could ruin you whole picture! Experimenting is what will give you the best images!

If you don't know how you look when someone's taking a picture of you, or vice-versa, take one picture, adjust, then check again. Posing is fun, but it's extremely helpful to know what your best "side" is. 

For another resource on photography and cameras, check this page out!


Ciara and Hayley

**Disclamer! We're by no means professional photographers. This is advice and tips that we've found on our own. 

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