Saturday, March 19, 2016


Happy Saturday Tulips! Have you ever seen an acai(uh-sigh-ee) bowl on Instagram or Tumblr? If you're on social media all the time like me, then you've probably seen them before and thought, how could someone make something look so beautiful and have it taste so good?! Yesterday morning I felt the need to eat something that would start the rest of my day off right so I looked on Pinterest and found acai bowls! I didn't have acai or acai smoothie mix at the time so I just made a regular smoothie which works out just the same! They look so yummy but my only problem was how to actually make it. I looked up a few recipes and decided to make my own!

Acai bowls are super easy to make! They taste like Hawaii and happiness exploding in your mouth! They are super good and healthy for you and if you make it look pretty on top, it will motivate you to eat better too!
Smoothie Ingredients
 Fruit(any kind)

  1. I start off by getting everything out and laying it onto the counter so you're not scrambling for things.
  2. Cut up all of the fruit you want on the top, I added bananas, strawberries, and kiwi.
  3. Make your smoothie and pour it into the bowl you took out, I used a spatula to help so everything didn't slide around. Place the fruit you cut up earlier onto the top, add granola or whatever you prefer.
  4. Voila! You've  just made your own acai bowl!
If you want to take cool photos, take them right after you make your bowl because everything will start to sink down after a few minutes!

I didn't want my bowl to be overflowing so I poured the remainder into a cup and added the extra fruit I had onto the top to create an acai "drink"! If you tried this recipe out let me know how it turned out, I would love to hear back from you!

XO, Hayley


  1. Yes, I've seen these all over Instagram! Loving your recipe ideas! :o) Definitely want to give an acai bowl a try!

    All the Cute

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