Sunday, March 13, 2016


This spring we want to give you tulips the ultimate SPRINGspiration guide so you can have different outfits, and other spring-inspired things to do this season! Whenever it's a new season we always feel the need to change our wardrobe from cold to warm or vice-versa; this guide will be perfect if you need a quick look to recreate, or you're bored one day and decide to try one of these activities! If you have a spring birthday comment "spring baby"!

We love to hangout with friends and doing fun things with them, especially when it's sunny outside! If you're bored or just want to do something, we have a few ideas for you. Have a picnic outside, get some frozen yogurt, or take a polaroid photo shoot!

We love stripes all year round, especially for spring! It can either be worn as cute/edgy or like you're ready to go on a boat!

Dress// Ross Shoes// Nordstrom

Jacket// Forever 21 Dress// Forever 21 Shoes// Journeys Necklace// Nordstrom

XO, Hayley & Ciara
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  1. I love your outfits, so cute! I own a pair of Birks too!